Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs 2012

We colored our Easter eggs on Saturday morning.....while most of us were still feeling alright.  Little Monkey was sick, but he was determined to join in the fun anyhow!  I was surprised to find that he didn't remember this at all from last year...he really had no clue what the cups and eggs were all about. :)

He was a little skeptical about the whole idea, at first....and really couldn't understand why we were dipping eggs in colorful (and therefore yummy) juice...

 Until his first egg was finished.  ;)

Peanut thought there must be some fantastic juice in those cups, too!  My poor little guy really wanted to have a taste....so he had to stay in his high-chair.  Fortunately, the stickers that came with the coloring-kit were almost as much fun for him, as all of the dipping and coloring going on at the table.

General and Rose had fun experimenting with colors and patterns...two dozen eggs were finished in no time at all.

We talked quite a bit about the symbol of the egg, and what it means to us on Easter.  I just love how my older two are starting to grasp the deeper meanings behind the fun little things we do!

Can't wait to pull out my egg recipes, yum! :)



  1. Your egg dyeing looks so peaceful. I have to put newspaper on our table and when we are done: it is all soaked and our fingers are just as colored as our eggs : D : D

  2. so much fun! love it (but not the ick; I hope it's all betters now!)

  3. I told you I would be back!!! :-)

    We had the sick bug too. A full week of it, I thought we were getting better so we went to church for Easter, against my better judgement, and BAM! It landed both kids in the er the next night worse off then before. We are just now, two weeks later, finally getting over it... WHEW!

    I'm sorry that all of you have had the sickies too. Hopefully by now you are all better. :-)

    Love the eggs, this is something we missed out on this year. :-(
    Yours look lovely though!!!! My favorite is the one with the three crosses.


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