Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homemade Fun :: Toy Slingshot

Here's a fun, easy project to keep little hands busy for an afternoon or two.  :)

We put together this simple little toy, after learning the story of David and Goliath for our Alphabet Time "D" unit.
Let me just say, I think this craft has turned out to be quite the favorite of all we've done so far!
I guess to a little boy's way of thinking, pretty papers and cute themes are fun....BUT.
Sticks, tape and projectiles are about as good as it gets. :)

After watching Little Monkey put this together, General and Rose went straight outside to find some sticks of their own....and they've all been having a blast with these ever since!

I know there are many ways of making a homemade slingshot, but I wanted to only use items that we already had around the house.  Here's what we came up with.


a sturdy stick with a Y shape to it
two thick rubber bands
electrical tape
6"x2" piece of felt
tin foil

To prepare the stick, shorten up the handle and smooth out the rough edges.

Next, taking the piece of felt, cut slits on both sides, near the this:

Felt was the first thing that came to mind when I rummaged around for our supplies....and really, it has held up very well!  But something sturdy like denim or thin leather would be a good choice, too.

In each slit, slip one rubber band through the hole, making two loops.  Pull one loop through the other until it forms a loose knot, like this...

The finished piece should look like this:

Next, loop one of the rubber bands around one side of the stick...

...and tape it down.  Any heavy-duty tape would work here...duct tape, electrical tape, probably even masking tape.

For our "smooth stones" (like David used), Little Monkey tore up some pieces of foil and smushed them into "pebbles."

~ LM's "five smooth stones" ~

And that's it!  General and Little Monkey wasted no time testing out the slingshot, to see if it would work (General was a little skeptical at first).  The foil pebble flew from the table, all the way to the back of the kitchen - to everyone's surprise (including mine!).

And so it was a hit. :)

~ :: ~

We also sewed up a very quick little pouch (like David's) for Little Monkey to keep his stones.


12"x6" piece of burlap

Any scrap fabric could work for this...but I was excited to find some burlap scraps leftover from past crafts.  I just love using burlap since it's sturdy, and the large holes make it easy for kids to sew with it.

This was Little Monkey's first experience with a real needle, so we worked together to sew up the sides of the bag, using a running stitch (pictured above).

Here are the sides of the bag all sewn up, leaving the top-side open.

To make the drawstring, cut two long lengths of yarn (about 20").  Tie a knot in the string, and loosely stitch through one side of the bag, leaving a long tail to the side.  (Starting with the needle on the inside of the bag, to hide the end of the yarn.)

Repeat with the 2nd yarn on the other side.  Then knot the two long tails this:

And now, if you are four year old eleven year old brother....or maybe even a we're-not-going-to mention-how-old Mama (or Daddy...) are all set for an afternoon - or maybe a few weeks - of giant-defying fun. :)



  1. Oh, David would be so proud... and Goliath terrified!! (And Uncle Roger would be proud of the taping job.) Perfect guy fun. (Girls, too; but aforementioned pretty crafting things can't compare to projectiles for guys.) You guys "rock"!

  2. Great idea, Collette! Our boys used to use the homemade ones; now the use the "real" thing and the ammo is rocks. :)

  3. Fantastic idea!!!! I will be bookmarking this one for sure!!! Great project for the beginning of summer!!!! My son will thank you I'm sure!! :-) That last picture of your boys is priceless!!! make a Mama's heart skip a beat! :-)

    I have been seeing your posts pop over my reader and I want so badly to come and read. Yours is the type of blog that I like to come and stay awhile though... Looking forward to coming back and catching up and enjoying all of this goodness over here. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some down time. :-)

    Always a pleasure.
    Love Carissa


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