Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Mama's "Art"

It's been quite a few weeks since my little garden sprang to life.  After spending so many hours last summer, hauling rocks and pulling weeds out of this patch of ground...what a joy it was to finally see the reward of our labor!

Little sprouts pushing their way up towards the sun.  Leaves and buds unfurling.  Herbs turning green again, scenting the air with their sweetness.

Where once there was a a messy tangle of neglected there is peace.  And order.
And life.

This little patch of dirt has become a place of loveliness...without a single flower to be seen.   

Because what the eye doesn't see, the heart can feel.  

I'm learning that the ordinary, unnoticed work of preparing, tending, growing, the thing that makes a home homey.

Everything may be simple.  Humble.  Ordinary.

But if it is neat and clean.
And everything has its place.

Even the less-pretty things - like the soil itself - become lovely, when they've been lovingly cared for.

And it brings a very quiet peace...and the soul.

This is true loveliness of life - and what a Mama's "art" is really about.

It's finding contentment in spending quiet days at home.  Finding peace in doing ordinary things like cleaning and cooking....or hauling wheel barrels full of rocks.  Or just enjoying the sweet season of having babies to comfort.  Baking cookies, kissing scrapes, cleaning closets.

Because in this way, a Mama is creating a life that is filled with peace, hope and joy for her family.
Things that may not be seen with the eye, but are felt in the hearts of all who enter her home.

Wishing you a lovely day filled with the simple joys of being home!



  1. Sweet words, sweet family.

    It is so true Collette, many things we do as mothers is not seen, but the reward is the strong foundation that we are building for our children to grow on.

    Thank you for this lovely post.
    Love Carissa XOXO

  2. So true - i love hearing your perspective on being a stay at home mama :) it is so encouraging and appreciated! <3

  3. Yes.
    I could spend weeks and weeks staying home and feathering my nest....or soil!
    This was so sweetly written and so true, Collette!
    Loved it ever so much!

  4. In so many ways, yes!

    My mama's heart is saying this is a most beatiful post my friend.

    I strive daily.

    Daily to paint a beaufitul canvas for my children. To cultivate and prune these little lives.

    I could not.
    COULD NOT agree with you more. And, I just might think we are in a very similar and sweet season of motherhood.

    so, so thankful.


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