Monday, April 9, 2012

A Quiet Easter Sunday

I had many little things planned for our Easter celebration this year....but sickness was not one of them!  My children came down with a bad combination of a respiratory / stomach flu this weekend....and so we ended up having a very quiet Easter Sunday.

Yet even with everyone not feeling well...we still had bright moments of loveliness and a joyful day.
Restfulness.  Peacefulness.  I am so thankful for that!

I was hoping to pick up an Easter lily for our table, but couldn't get out to the store in time.  Instead, to my surprise, I noticed our honeysuckle had bloomed yesterday morning.  A few cuttings made a very sweet decoration, too. :)

For breakfast, I served the last of the hot cross buns that Rose & I made on Good Friday...bread was about the only thing most of us could eat, anyway!

We read the final, beautiful, story of our Easter Devotion and hung the last ornament on our tree.  It was a wonderful feeling to finally complete the study and see all of the ornaments together!

I was so glad that I had already planned on filling my children's baskets with mostly non-edible treats, and only a little bit of candy this year!  Even with the stomach flu, they were still able to enjoy their surprises, and it cheered everyone up. :)

I found these wooden eggs at Michael's and thought they would make a fun little painting project for my kids to do.  After they're finished, I plan to set them aside for next year - they will be a sweet addition to our Easter decorations.

:: Peanut & Little Monkey's baskets ::

 I kept their surprises pretty simple...a few fresh art supplies (we are forever running out of crayons!), a fun bouncy ball that lights up (Peanut loved that!), and some fruit snacks in the plastic eggs.  And a chocolate bunny. :)

I found these sweet Lindt chocolates, and couldn't resist adding them to their baskets. :)  So cute!  Bugs for Peanut...

....and little frogs for Little Monkey.

~ :: ~

:: General's Basket ::

His basket was even simpler.  A lego mini-set was the main surprise...and I found the soccer-ball cards and the journal with his initial, in the dollar aisle at Michael's.

~ :: ~

:: Rose's Basket ::

I think this was my favorite basket to put together!

The rose-themed stationery, journal and pencils were all from Michael's dollar aisle, too (although some were more than a dollar).  I was so excited to find these - aren't they just so sweet?

 The rest of our day was mostly spent resting....or tending to sick kiddos.  I'm hoping (and praying!) that the worst is over, and my children will all be on the mend, soon......and that my husband & I stay healthy, too.

Time to go do some laundry and make some chamomile tea. :)
I'm hoping to be back later, or tomorrow, with a few pics from our Good Friday activities...if all goes well.

Have a happy - and healthy! - Monday!


  1. a quiet easter sunday
    but so, so full
    love the finished tree and your baskets are so cute!

  2. aw, sorry about the sickness again :( Yet, the Lord lives and reigns! Still neat to be able to thank Him for that, no matter where you are. The baskets are adorable, btw! Get well soon.
    p.s. What a treat to bring in your own blossoms :>) Your photos are always beautiful!


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