Monday, April 16, 2012

A Springtime Daybook

Spring has been in full swing for several weeks, now.
All of this sweet, golden sunshiny weather has been such a treat for us this year!
Outside my window, many things are blossoming that we normally don't see until much later in the spring.
Yesterday, my honeysuckle bush was buzzing with all sorts of bees circling around it.  Makes me wonder if we'll have another bumblebee nest under our deck this year.

I'm thinking about paint colors for my kitchen.  
It's been almost six years since we painted last...and it's time for my walls to get a fresh new coat.  
I'd really like to brighten things up a bit with a light, warm, springtime hue.....although it is hard to choose. :)  
I have it narrowed down to these two colors, and I think I know which one I'll pick... 

It's hard to tell from the photo, but one is a buttery yellow, and the other more of a light, creamy cinnamon. 
What do you think?

I am thankful:
For warm sunshine to sweeten our laundry after yet another round of the flu.
For these little makeshift clotheslines that, somehow, seem to make mountains of laundry quietly melt into neat little piles.
For the quiet simplicity it brings to our days.

In the kitchen, it's cabbage season. :)
Everyone in my family loves this vegetable, and I've been experimenting with some new recipes (along with our old favorites).
Today I'll be making my first batch of sauerkraut...I'll let you know if it goes well!

I'm creating:
sewing lessons for Rose . . . a few more Alphabet Time units for Little Monkey . . . some handmade lovelies for Mother's Day . . . and, I'm hoping, one more ruffley apron from some vintage-looking fabric I found at a garage sale. :)

I am reading...

In the schoolroom, things are back on the regular schedule, after a long spring break/flu break.
This week, we're moving on to the letter "E" in Alphabet Time....General and Rose are working hard on finishing up a few of their subjects...and I'm thinking about a few fun units I'd like to work on with everyone over the summer ~ for history and studying the States.

Around the house, there is still much cleaning to be done!
This week I hope to bring some order and simplicity to my craft stash.  I need to weed out a lot of things, and maybe even set up a little "spot" where Rose & I can work on our spring/summer sewing projects.  We'll see!

One of my favorite things...sweet baby kisses.  
I'll be getting as many as I can of these, this week, since my "Baby" will be turning 2 this weekend!
After that, I am pretty certain I will no longer be able to get away with calling this growing boy a baby :)

A peek into my day:

We had such warm weather a few weeks back!  On this particular morning, Peanut woke up, made a beeline for his sandals, and asked to go straight out to the sandbox, jammies and all. :)

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Wishing you a Monday filled with the simple joys of being home. :)



  1. Buttery Yellow!
    Clothelines are the best!
    I never find it a "chore."
    They will always be your baby.
    I'm rocking mine now, and he will be 4 in July.
    Simple blessings...

  2. Beautiful and inspiring photos, Collette!

    That would be a hard choice on the paint colors...I think I might lean toward the buttery yellow one. This house we moved into a little over a year ago has red paint in the kitchen. And not enough windows. I want so much to paint! And I have been thinking about a sunny yellow (or a cream with a hint of yellow) for that room. I want light and airy, and right now it looks too dark. :)

    That French Farmhouse cookbook looks enticing...I seem to have a cookbook addiction. I just love to sit and read them for inspiration. I'll have to look for that one.

    Hope your day is blessed, Collette!

  3. I would love to get a fresh coat of paint here. All of the walls are white, but I love the colors you have chosen. Either one will be beautiful and add a nice touch of color.

  4. I vote for the buttery yellow as well. I love yellow kitchens!

    I also loved when I was a SAHM and hung my laundry on the clothes line. I miss doing that so much! But alas, no time in this season of my life.

    Oh, if only my baby were 2 again instead of 19 ....

  5. That is the sweetest photo of Peanut! Looks like you need a paint chip collection... that I still have of yours. The colors you've picked are pretty, and will effect a big change! So hard to choose. Hmmm. Sunny yellow or soft glowing cinnamon. My guess is that either will look terrific :>)

  6. I love all your photos! I'd vote for the cinnamony color.

  7. i'm so tired i can't see straight, so i'll it at, It's gorgeous! It's lovely!

  8. What sweet photos of your little one, Collette! And the cabbage looks delish! :)
    Hope you're having a blessed day. :)


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