Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Work of Art

"I know it may not seem very inviting or sound very exciting, but your home is definitely the place most worthy of  your diligent watching.
In fact, home is the most important place in the world for you to be spending your time and investing your energy.

Why do I say that?
Because the work you do in "a little place" like home is eternal work, meaningful work, important work - when you realize that the work you do in your home is your supreme service to God."

A Little Place

"Where shall I work today, dear Lord?"
And my love flowed warm and free.
He answered and said,
"See that little place?
Tend that place for Me."

I answered and said, "Oh no, not there!
No one would ever see.
No matter how well my work was done,
Not that place for me!"

His voice, when He spoke, was soft and kind,
He answered me tenderly,
"Little one, search that heart of thine,
Are you working for them or Me?
Nazareth was a little place...
So was Galilee."

~ from Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George

My heart fills with joy when I realize that even the littlest things I do today...as I go about my hidden work at home, serving my family...are beautiful and meaningful.

Every little set of sticky fingers I wipe...every lego I put back in the basket...every missing sock I pull out of the sofa...every set of wet crib sheets I change...every pot I wash...every bill I pay...every shirt I iron.

To a Mama, these may be very small, little things.  But in the eyes of our Lord, each one is the stroke of an artist's brush.

Wishing you a day of contentment and joy as you tend to your little place.

Happy painting! :)

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  1. Love the poem that puts life into perspective :>) And the lilacs are a joy to see! I lost most of mine, and one larger bush survivor didn't try blooming. :>(


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