Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May's Memories

Well I can't believe it's been a week-and-a-half since I posted, last!  I never intended to take another blog-break, but...time has a way of flying by sooo fast.  And, as I mentioned in last week's post, I've been working on setting a good rhythm and routine in our days here at that, coupled with a long list of organizing & decluttering that really needs to be attended to, has been taking up all of my spare minutes these days. :)

My peonies bloomed a couple weeks ago - and we've been enjoying their sweet fragrance all around the house.  Since they flop over from the weight of the blooms, I  only left a few on the bush & made some bouquets instead.

Here's a few pics of what we've been up to over the past few weeks.  I'm laughing a little bit as I look at these photos, all in one spot.  It makes me realize just how ordinary quiet and low-key things have been here at our home, as you will see.  And yet....our days are still so full!  There is more than enough work to keep this Mama busy, just around the house and our little yard!

A group shot of our homeschool group from our nature walk.  Only about half of the families could make it, that day -  I can't believe how much we've grown!  Both in numbers, and in the size of our kiddos, too, lol.

What we have had, though, is a margin of time - like the blank space around the words on a page.  Blank, unscheduled, minutes and even hours....without the pressure of having to be somewhere...the freedom to set our work for the day aside for awhile and just have fun together.  It's a much quieter rhythm than my kids are used to, during most of the school year.....and I know it won't be long before soccer season begins again, along with so many other good activities.
BUT, I think they are finally settling into the quietness, and enjoying the daily rhythms that come with it.....and it is a little season that I'm soaking up while it lasts. :)

Here's General, offering some Lego-instruction to the younger boys in the group

I've really missed blogging, though!  Spending some time away from the computer always helps clarify/refresh my purposes, here.  You've probably noticed that I'm still experimenting with my graphics. :)  I'm trying things out until I find what's "comfy" for me.  Then again, I love playing around with design and colors and fonts (a little too much, probably, lol!)...and so I may change things up quite a few more times, yet. :)

At this time last year, I was still carrying Peanut around in a sling or pushing him in the stroller for all our group's events!  And here he was, sitting right along with all of the "big" boys....and looking quite pleased about that, too. :)

Peanut really wanted to run through the paths in the tall-grass....although I must say, I was getting a little worried about my children picking up ticks.  They seemed to be everywhere, that day (ticks) - General swatted one out of his hair right before we got into the car to leave.  Thankfully, no one brought any home!

We're still slowly working on our Alphabet Time units!  We'll be keeping these up through the summer and then finishing the series during next school year.  Little Monkey just loves his little projects, and the other day he came up to me holding his stuffed toy tiger and said, "Mom - listen: T-T-Tiger!  I think it's time for "T-T" week in our Alphabet Time!"  That about melted my heart!  He must know I've been calling it "Alphabet Time" here on the blog, although I can't remember ever saying it to him, directly.  You just never know when they're listening, and what they'll pick up!

Peanut has been enjoying joining in with the projects, lately, too.  He seems to have turned a corner - just a couple months ago, he was still too little to be interested in any activity for very long.  But now he will sit and paint almost as long as his brother - and I can see he is pleased with his little, finished creations.

We painted some colorful and speckled Eggs for our E unit, after reading our new favorite book about Eggs. :)

And we made a batch of bird nest cookies with Eggs on top...more pics to come in another post. :)
The sandbox has been quite the favorite place for the little ones to play these days. (And Rose, too....)  Little Monkey and Peanut decided to plant a "sandbox garden" using the maple seeds that have been falling all over our yard, and a few other random things.  LM faithfully watered his "garden" everyday after that (actually, several times a day!) and sure enough, the seeds sprouted!  Boy was he thrilled!

Rose has taken to gardening this year, too.  She loves working out there - especially pulling weeds, lol!  I'm hoping if we can maintain this little garden well, this summer...maybe we can add a larger one out in the yard later on, we'll see!

I've been working on another little art project as well....just something springy (and garden-y) and fun for my kids to do.  It's almost finished, and after we make a few of our own, I'll be sure to post the instructions/printables & share it all with you, too!

And last, but certainly not least....I just had to take a few pics of General mowing the lawn. ;)  At the beginning of last summer, he had a hard time seeing over the top of the handle.....but now, he handles the mower like an old pro.

This boy is growing so fast these days!  Every week or so he asks me to do a "height-check" with him, back to back....I'm fairly short at 5-foot-3, but I still have an inch or so over him, for now anyway!  I have a feeling (and he's really hoping!) that he may just pass me up by the end of this summer - especially with the amount of food he's been eating, lately!

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday - and some quiet moments to enjoy the simple joys of home!


  1. Lovely photos, Collette.
    Hope the rest of your week is blessing-filled!

  2. Wonderfully ordinary, beautiful days! Your every day doings have an aroma of contentment and serenity :>) Hugs to all!

  3. Collette~ I am fairly certain that the quiet rhythm and time away from the computer are just what you need.

    As far as ticks...don't come here. They are so gross and everywhere!!

    And, as far as your blog goes....
    Looks beautiful!!


  4. I loved reading this update of what you've been up to (I actually saw it a while back, but it was on a day that I didn't have time to leave a comment!). :)

    I know what you mean about margin. We have the book by that name, and my husband and I were just talking about it a few days ago. Our modern culture makes it very difficult to keep the margin we need. I find myself frustrated with the computer and blogging, because it seems like just when I figure something out, it changes! Sometimes I just feel like I don't want to keep up with all the changes anymore. :)

    I hope your week is blessed, Collette!


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