Friday, June 8, 2012

Archery & Fencing

This spring our family joined an archery & fencing class for homeschoolers....and my kids have been LOVING it!

* Archery Practice *

~ General with a recurve bow ~

This past week, Little Monkey had his first chance to try out the bows & arrows - something he has been very anxious to do!

The instructor did such a nice job working with him, and I could tell LM was feeling pretty "big" to be out there with all the other kids. :)

~ Rose with a compound bow ~

~ Peanut toe-ing the line ~

The two-hour class begins right at Peanut's nap he has been a little bit of a mischief-maker during practice - especially since he would much rather be out on the floor having fun with his siblings. ;)

(After looking at this picture posted here, I just noticed that he's holding "the pink" bottle.  I usually make a point only to let him use that one at home, lol!  Can't believe his brothers let that one slip by...we were in a rush to get out the door that day! ;)

* Fencing Time! *

~ General all suited up in his fencing gear ~

~ and Rose....the smallest coat is still a little big on her! ~

Rose is a couple years younger than the usual starting-age for fencing, but the instructor was very kind & invited her to give it a try anyway!  She likes it a lot, but is really hoping to take ballet lessons this fall, instead....

General, on the other hand, loves everything about this sport.  (Right now, he can't decide which he likes better - fencing or soccer.....and that is saying a lot!)

Peanut was making me laugh as we watched General and Rose bounce and lunge through their drills....he really wanted to try, too. :)

There's only one class left in this session, but we were all excited to hear that they'll be starting a new session right away & going through the summer!  My calendar is already beginning to fill up....I think our season of quietness is quickly blossoming into a new season of fun. :)

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


  1. They all look like they're having so much fun!! Where are they taking the class?

    1. Hi, Holli! It really has been a lot of fun for all of us (well... fun for them to do & for me to watch, lol). The range is actually not to far from you guys & there are special rates for the homeschool class.....I'll send you an email with the specifics. :)

  2. FUN!

    These are fantastick skills to have Collette. and How great that your children got to learn and take part of this.

    Another one of the many, many reasons I love homeschooling!

  3. What a fun class! I need to look for one in my area! Blessings, Lori

  4. How fun, Collette! I have some boys who would love this. However, living in the country, and not near a big town. fencing for us. Unless you count barber wire. That we have!!
    Also, it would seem that our quiet season should be here until the middle of July. Then it gets a little "Loud."

    Happy Weekend!

  5. A -maz-ing! This is awesome. So glad your kids can do this!


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