Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Nature Walk

Turtles and curious bubbles...

Beautiful waterfalls....even Peanut noticed these and was in awe. :)

Couldn't decide between two possible captions for this one:

a.  "The Rare Photo with Mom in It."

- or -

b. "Why I Gave Up Taking Posed Family Pics, Long Ago...." 


...Examining a Spider...

...Rose's Tree-climbing Skills...

Peanut enjoyed the fact that he was free to walk on his own (no stroller this time).  This was very exciting for him, but it made Mama a little nervous with all of the rocks, streams and waterfalls!

The Nature Center was wonderful, too - lots of neat activities for all ages!


Just a few pictures from last week's nature walk with our homeschool group.  
We visited a new (to us!) Forest Preserve that was absolutely beautiful!  I'm adding this little spot to our list of places to visit again, as a family. :)

In other news... I was so relieved to be able to recover my missing photos from Rose's birthday party.  I'm almost finished writing it up & will be posting about it soon!

Until then...
Wishing you a beautiful and joy-filled Wednesday!



  1. What forest preserve is this? It's beautiful! I love outings. Looks like it was a great day out there. Love your family pic, btw! And Peanuts flip flops just make me smile :>) Looking forward to more outdoor adventures with your kids.... :>)

    1. This was at Lake Katherine, up in Palos. I was just on their website again & read that it isn't a forest's a botanical gardens/nature center. :0) LOL, I guess that explains a lot!

      My kids (and me!) are counting the days!! ;>)

  2. Wonderful photos, Collette. Looks like so much hands-on learning going on. :)

  3. Thanks Lisa! LOL...yes - one of the best parts of summertime, I'm certain! :)

  4. The garden looks wonderful and any place with a nature center is always a plus for the little ones. Great pictures... I like the one of the kids studying a spider.

  5. Oh, I couldn't agree more - it's always exciting to find a nature center with lots of activities! This one had fossils and other preserved specimens to hold, plus lots of interesting local natural history - I think my older ones enjoyed it as much as the littles! :0)

  6. so precious that you got in a shot with your kids:) I just love it!

    a nature center is a wonderful way to give children a cup that is overflowing with God's beautiful creation.


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