Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little Knight's Birthday

For his birthday this year, Little Monkey was able to help me plan his day for the first time - and boy, was he excited!  Ever since Christmas, my kids have all been very interested in knights and castles and it came as no surprise to me when Little Monkey requested a knight's castle birthday theme.

We've been keeping our birthday celebrations pretty simple over the past couple years...but we still had a lot of fun making Little Monkey's day special for him. :)

For decorations, Rose made a paper pendant banner using LM's favorite color (blue!).  I was so glad she could put it together all on her own, with only a little help from General (and Mom!) for hanging it up, since I was pretty busy in the kitchen all that afternoon...

Didn't it turn out so sweet?

For birthday dinner, LM requested the same thing that all of my kiddos always ask for - spaghetti with meatballs and sausage...and lots of olives.  Must be something in their genes! ;)

I thought it would be a fun project this year to learn a little bit about cake decorating, something we've never tried before!  My kids all love working in the kitchen - and I figure it's a sweet way to get them thinking about something special they can do for each other. :)

However...since Little Monkey's cake was our first attept - ever - at cake decorating, I was a little nervous about it!  Many of the cake instructions I found online (and in books) are so complicated...or expensive....or just require a lot of time to put together.  I was so glad to find this tutorial over at one of my favorite blogs - it was super easy to make, and turned out very cute!  We even had the same knight mini-figures (one of LM's Christmas gifts) to put on top of the cake (carefully arranged by General) - and the birthday boy LOVED it!

The only one who may have loved it all even more than Little Monkey....was Peanut, who woke up from his nap right as we were getting ready to sit down for dinner.  It had been at least a couple months since the last birthday party we attended....and I'm pretty certain he didn't remember anything about it!

This was the look on his face when we brought out the cake...

....followed by a very enthusiastic, "Wow!!"

Fortunately, he didn't have very long to wait for a special birthday cake of his own....  :)

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  1. Oh, I love homemade decorations! I think it's awesome spending time to make someone else feel special. They did terrific! And the cake is... royal! Super cute - and looks super tasty.


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