Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Northwoods Welcome

We left early yesterday morning for our trek to the Northwoods of Wisconsin...a nine hour drive.  This is the same place I used to visit every summer with my family (who still comes up here, every year!)....and it is still every bit as beautiful as I remember it!

After we settled into our cabin, my Mom took the three younger kids on a short walk to check out the beach (General was already out fishing with his uncles :).  It took them exactly ten seconds to figure out how warm the water is......and spent quite some time chasing minnows, throwing stones into the water, and collecting snail shells.  The evening sunlight was so beautiful.....we are far enough north to visibly notice a difference in the color and quality of the light.  It's so much clearer and gentler - and the sun didn't set until close to ten o'clock!

Today I'm hoping for a quiet day with the little ones on the beach...and maybe a boat ride to see an eagle's nest on one of the islands out on the lake.  General already caught one large-mouth bass and a good-sized walleye...he has a competition going with all of his cousins to see who is going to catch the largest fish of the week. :)  Little Monkey really just wants to catch any fish (any size will do!) and a frog.....Rose and Peanut look ready for just about anything.

And so I'm off to get this day rolling....I'll be back later with more pics, for sure!


  1. So envious...looks beautiful!!!


  2. Have a relaxing, memory-filled getaway!

  3. Sounds and looks wonderful! What a great place for quiet summer days - enjoy : D


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