Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun in the Northwoods Sun

We've been having some beautiful weather up here, this week...and the kids have been making the most of it!  I can remember many years up here, when we spent the entire week in our cabins with cool, rainy days - wearing jeans and jackets.  But not this time!

My brother and Little Monkey spent the afternoon engineering a sandcastle complete with a "remote" (as Little Monkey called it, later, lol!) and a bridge made of sticks.  Very serious (and fun) stuff!

LM and Peanut found a little child-sized kayak on the beach.  At first, LM wanted to use the paddle, but it was pretty tricky for him (and big) and Peanut's head kept getting in the way :)  Later, he found a sand-shovel with a long handle to use instead.....but that was a little too s l o w for these energetic boys.  SO, Peanut hopped out and spent the rest of the afternoon doing what they love to do at home with their trikes - LM "steered" while Peanut pushed as fast as he could from behind!

Grandpa strung up the poles and took Little Monkey on his first-ever fishing trip.....here's his first catch!

I can't take enough pics of these sweet forget-me-nots growing wild along the banks and around the piers.  For some reason, I can't quite capture the bright periwinkle blue of the petals with my camera...although, this one comes close.  You really have to look hard to notice these little treasures - they're so small you could easily walk right past and never know they're there!  Maybe that's part of what makes them so dear to me.

General found a clam & pried it open with his pocket knife.  Yuk!  Interesting!  We took a few more detailed pics after he pulled it apart and throughly examined it....but for the sake of your breakfast & mine, I will hold those pics for another time. :)

Peanut with his cousin, James....oh boy, did those two have some fun together!  Grandma pulled out a photo taken almost twenty years ago of all the cousins...James was just a little younger than Peanut & wearing that very same life jacket.  :)  Very neat. :)

Little Monkey caught a frog!  He didn't like holding it, though - so Rose was very happy to pose for a few pics with Hoppy. :)

Today we are off to hike a mile-long trail of waterfalls that empty into Lake Superior.....time to go get the kiddos up and ready.  And hopefully drink one more cup of coffee before we leave. :)

Wishing you a blessed day!

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  1. Oh, Collette, what a lovely vacation time you are having with your family! I would so love to be able to go someplace like this. Your photos are breathtaking. Enjoy the rest of your time with your family!



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