Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum!

Only a few weeks left to go before our school year "officially" begins!

Over the summer, I spent a little more time than usual planning out this fall's curriculum....since my oldest son is entering a new "stage" of learning this year (7th grade).  Which means that I am entering a new stage, as well - of teaching!

We've always used (more-or-less) a Charlotte Mason approach in our studies...but this year, I'll be transitioning my older two children into (more-or-less!) a Classical approach.  Which overall, really isn't too different from CM, because I *think* her methods really are classical, at heart. :)

Here are the main highlights of what we'll be doing this year!

For Little Monkey & Peanut ~ Pre-K/Preschool

We're continuing on with our "Alphabet Time"  units, picking up right where we left off last year, with the letter F...we'll see how far we can get by the end of the school-year!  (I posted about units A-D here.)

Actually, it is a goal of mine to finish up the units this we can take a break and do something a little different for LM's kindergarten in the following year!  To that end, I am trying to streamline my planning a little bit - choosing fewer activities/themes so that each unit can be accomplished in one week.  (Which, I'm finding, isnt easy to do, lol!)

Besides our unit studies, LM will also be getting a very gentle start in reading and math this year.  I wasn't initially planning on beginning any formal studies with him until age 5, but he's been showing so much interest in learning these things!  So I'll be using two of our favorite curricula with him:  Alphaphonics & Right Start Math.  And just taking it all very slowly.

For Rose and General ~ 4th and 7th Grade!

I'm very excited about the Classical materials I found for Rose and General through Memoria Press!  My Mom (hi, Mom!) has been enjoying their Latin program for a few years, and I was able to peruse through her books before making the final decision.  All of their materials are laid out so clearly and  simply, which I love!  And they're written especially for homeschoolers - easy to teach, even for a Mama who doesn't already know latin or logic. :)  Perfect!  (I think I'll be learning a lot this year, too!)

.:: General ::.
Math ~ Saxon 8/7
Spelling ~ Spelling Power
Grammar ~ finishing up last year's Easy Grammar 6 (since I feel this book is very thorough & more than adequate for what he needs right now!)
Writing ~ Institute for Excellence in Writing (SWD-B)
Bible ~ Christian Studies II (Memoria Press)
Latina Christiana I (Memoria Press)
Logic I (Memoria Press)
First Start French I (Memoria Press)

.:: Rose ::.
Math ~ Teaching Textbooks 4
Spelling ~ All About Spelling
Grammar ~ finishing up last year's Easy Grammar 3
Writing ~ Institute for Excellence in Writing (SWD-A)
Bible ~ Christian Studies II (Memoria Press)
Latina Christiana I (Memoria Press)
First Start French I (Memoria Press)

~ Literature and Reading ~

Most of these titles will come from our history curricula (middle ages), but I also have a couple books I want to read and discuss as a family.  Some of these include:

Julius Caesar
King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table
Augustine Goes to Kent
The Black Arrow
Adam of the Road
Little Women
The Secret Garden

~ History ~

I'm almost finished putting together this year's history units!  We're covering European history (and touching lightly on the middle-east) from the time of the Roman Empire through the close of the middle ages (AD 0 - 1450, or so).  Kings, wars, princesses, Saints, martyrs, castles, cathedrals, knights, medieval weapons, legends, and Church history!  We'll also be exploring some medieval forms of art in each unit - illuminated manuscripts, stained glass, calligraphy, embroidery....  I really think I'm my kids are going to have fun with history this year! ;)

I still need to find a few lap books for Rose to work on, since she will be doing more hands-on projects (General will be focusing more on writing short essays/reports and keeping a notebook).  Anyone have any suggestions on middle-age-themed lap books for 4th grade?  I'd love to hear your recommendations!

~ Science ~

Rose : Aplogia's Zoology (Land Animals) & Student Notebook
General : Apologia's General Science & Student Notebook

This year I decided to order the lab kits that are available for these courses as well....something I've never done before, because it's an extra expense.  But after comparing the price of the kits to what I would spend myself, I felt they were reasonable - and very worth the time it will save, by having everything ready-to-go!


Wishing you a joy-filled week of excitement and anticipation of a new school year!

And, if this is your first time visiting here - Welcome!  I do hope you will follow me (I'll follow you back!) - or leave a comment, I'd love to meet you!


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  1. History at your house is going to be so fun!! Love your book girls loved both Little Women and The Secret Garden:) Adam of the Road is one I just picked up for us to read.
    Blessings for the new year!

  2. Your selections look great. I am a history lover, so I would say your kids will have great fun with history this year. There is soooo much you can do with the Middle Ages. There are tons of great hands-on activities out there if you Google them.

    We use Time4Learning and supplement with Vocabulary Spelling City, Drive Thru History, and whatever she is interested in learning more about. Right now, she really likes forensic science,so we are going to continue that this year. We are also some quick map study and logic skills.

    My Attempt at Blogging
    Quaint Scribbles and 3 D Learners

    1. Hi, Jacki! Nice to meet you :0) Thanks for your recommendations - the Time4Learning program sounds interesting, I'll have to visit their site & check it out! Did you find your study on forensic science through them? LOL, that sounds like something my son would be interested in. :)
      Last year, I was able to find a few Drive Thru History DVDs at a used curric-fair & my children LOVE them, too!
      Blessings to you in your school year!

  3. I'm just starting out with homeschooling! Our son is 3 years old.. is he too young to start some training at home? What would you recomend, or where should we start? He knows this alphabet (though not in order), and can count 1-10 (most of the time in order) & has 3 verses/prayers memorized.

    We're not ready for "formal" school but we want to start working on somethings with him.. just not sure where to start or what to expect from him. I mean is it realistic to expect him to sit for an hour & do "school" (reading books to him, hands on activities, coloring...)Any advice would be a huge help! Thank you.

    1. It sounds like you are already off to a *great* start with homeschooling! :) Home-education begins from the moment a baby is born (Mama's don't always realize how much "teaching" they do in those early years!!)....and you've already taught him so much!

      There are so many fun learning activities you can do with a three-year old! How much, or for how long, really just depends on your individual child's temperament (some of mine loved to sit and "do school" at that age, while others had shorter attention spans/more "energy"). You will probably find, too, that his desire & ability for learning will increase from month to month... so it doesn't hurt to try some activities, and just save them for later if it seems to be too much (or he's not interested!). All of the projects I do with my little ones are spread out over several days, and I generally don't spend more than 1/2 hour to an hour on anything at a time.

      Some littles love reading lots of stories/picture books (which also builds language/vocab/reading-readiness), and it's easy/fun to do activities/crafts that go along with the books. The Alphabet Time units I've been putting together are set up in this way. Little Monkey was 3 when we first began (now Peanut loves to join in for most everything, and he is 2). I have some of those projects/themes written out in posts (click on the tab at the top).

      There are MANY bloggers who have put together alphabet units like this. Homeschool Creations is one that I can think of off the top of my head (lots of pre-school ideas!). I have also used (& loved!) the book Five In A Row (gives projects and craft ideas for classic picture-books). And the book, Slow & Steady Get Me Ready (by June Oberlander) is an oldie-but-goodie that has age-appropriate learning activities for birth-age 5. The Charlotte Mason Companion (by Karen Andreola) is a very helpful book, too...explaining the how's and why's of educating (and filled with great ideas).

      Hope this helps! Blessings to you, as you begin this wonderful journey of homeschooling!

  4. Oh, hurray! The excitement of starting a new school year! Think of all the learning, discovering and accomplishments ahead (and maybe a few grumbles... but not too many of those, I bet)! Medieval studies - boy, even now my kids would dig right in there with you. They absolutely love that period! I'd guess that would be Ryan's favorite. Then the zoology - woot! Steve loved that - I think they all still do. It may partly be Grandma's doing for having videos from Moody (?) all about animals and habitats. I don't know how many times they've watched Animal Planet dvd sets and the like. And science kits... wow! And if you can concoct something that fizzes, blows up etc., the better! Then there's food science :>) Personally, the writing sounds wonderful, but there my guys would start disagreeing. Although, Justin has been turning into quite the writer. Who knew? In grade school, it was absolute torture for him to finish a complete sentence. Lindsey has taken French through high school, and now in college. Just saying, you know, for future reference if needed ;) Christian Studies - that would be interesting to hear about. I love digging in and learning about the Lord, His Word, and His people through the ages. It made me smile to think about the alphabet studies... sweet memories. LM seems very ready and willing to learn. P seems to watch LM and mimic everything he does - lol!
    Well, I wish you the best for your new school year - may it be productive, growing in wisdom and in character and in God's love ♥

  5. I just love nosing into your life and seeing what's going on! It looks like a great year! And that header looks as lovely as always!!

  6. Oh, so many inspiring books! Your art plans sound like so much fun! For lapbooks, have you looked at Homeschoolshare? I haven't looked there in a while, but I've used a few of their ideas in the past.

  7. It looks like you have such a great year planned!

    If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, check out the Apologia Blog Roll that I host here:


  8. Thanks, Jenn, Sally & Joy!

    I just checked out Homeschool Share - and it looks wonderful! Thanks for the tip, Joy!!

    Welcome, Sarah! I love the idea of linking up w/other Apologia families...thanks for the link, will be visiting you soon!


  9. I love peeking at everyone's plans! Sounds like a great year!

  10. I think her methods are classical too and reading these posts are some of my favorite because I really enjoy gleaning ideas from others.

    Thanks for posting this!


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