Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Lord of the Rings Birthday Cake :: The One Ring

Over the weekend, we celebrated General's 12th Birthday!  He had been hoping for a Lord of the Rings - themed party, and even came up with an "easy" idea for his cake: the One Ring.

I'm still working on sorting through all of my pics and writing up his birthday post....but I thought I'd share a few quick cake-pics in the meantime! :)

This cake was a lot of fun to put together - and very simple to do...which worked out well, since our Friday & Saturday ended up being much busier than I originally planned!

I used our favorite Lemon Pound Cake recipe, baked in a circular bunt pan...and was able to leave it on the counter to cool, while we spent the day visiting with friends (and planning our homeschool groups' events for the year!).

Later that afternoon, I covered it with white (store-bought) frosting and used Wilton Color Mist (in gold) to spray on the metallic-gold color of The One Ring (found at Michael's for about $3 dollars).

I was a little nervous about whether I'd be able to write the "elvish" inscription - but it turned out to be pretty easy, mostly just a variation of regular cursive writing.  (The pattern was taken from an illustration in one of General's Trilogy books.)  We chose Wilton's Sparkle Gel in red - since, in the story, you can only read the ring's inscription when it's exposed to fire - and it glows a bright red!  (Also found at Michael's, for about $2.)

I loved how the sparkly color turned out, especially over the metallic gold spray - BUT it was a bit thick, which made it difficult to keep the lettering neat.  Something with a fine-tip would work much better!

All in all....I was pleased with how it turned out (and how quickly it went together!)....and General was very happy with his cake!


Today the kids & I are busy, busy, busy cleaning out the basement....and sorting through all of the toys and school things....and the books...  I am determined to declutter & simplify - EVERYTHING, before the school year begins!  I'm also working on re-organizing our school-room this week...

So for now, I'm off to grab another cup of coffee & some more boxes :)
If all goes well, I'll be back later with a few more pics!

Until then,

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday full of grace & joy!

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  1. The cake looks great! Happy Birthday General! I can't believe you're 12!

  2. Shut.Up. That is AWESOME! (I LOVE LOTR) you are the coolest mom. EVA!

  3. Awesome job!!! I love it (I'm such a LOTR nerd)! ;)


  4. Beautiful job on the cake! It looks great:)
    Hope your progress on the basement goes as well;)

  5. Cake... is that for elevensies? In General's case, that would be for twelvsies :D
    The ring cake is just too... "precious". tee hee ;) aw, come on, General! please smile at least for the last pun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your birthday was as fun as Bilbo Baggins :>)

  6. I love the cake!! My older boys have been talking about having a "Hobbit" or "Lord of the Rings" birthday this next year, so I am very excited to see the rest of your pictures!

    Happy birthday to General!

    And it sounds like you and I have been up to the same things this week... We don't have a basement, but organizing my school room has been a big enough job. Really hoping to have get it all finished before we begin school! :)

    1. Thank you, Jessica!!

      LOL, we were very inspired by Captain's Settler's party you recently posted....so you may notice a few similarities, over here! ;-)

      Hope your cleaning & organizing is going well!! I'm still working on our basement this week & am beginning to think it might be better NOT to have a place for things to accumulate! But I know it's going to be helpful for school (and home in general) to have *everything* in order...

      Wishing you a joyful & productive week!

  7. This is great! I'm wondering how early before the party you made/decorated the cake?

    1. Hi, Holly! I baked the cake earlier that morning, and then decorated it shortly before serving it. By the next morning, the lettering had run/smeared a little bit, so if I make this cake again I will probably prepare it the day before & then keep it chilled until serving. :) Blessings!


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