Friday, September 7, 2012

At the Soccer Game

We made it to General's soccer game yesterday (yay!)...and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

General's team won 4-2.
General played mid-field for a good part of the game.
Rose and Little Monkey had fun visiting and playing with friends.

And Peanut settled himself down with the bag of snacks to watch the game, while Mama snapped pics of the team. :)

It was a lovely almost-end to the week!

We have just a few lessons to complete today, followed by a quick cleanup of the house....
And then the weekend is ours, to enjoy some family time.
Looking forward to that!


Wishing you a beautiful & peace-filled Friday, and a happy weekend!


  1. Oh, Peanut is hilarious! Love your photos! Speaking as a veteran soccer mom, snacks go a long way to keep the fans in good humor. I've spent years trying to capture soccer shots. I must say, with the new camera, it's a whole new ball game ;o) Really, tho. What a difference! I'm finding that a shutter speed of 1200 usually works wonders. Keep aperture wide to let in the light with such a fast speed. I think the iso was about 400. But then there are rainy days, sunny days.... have fun snapping! Go team! Go Josh! (ah - another midfielder!)

  2. LOL, I thought you might enjoy this post....perhaps a familiar sight from your boys (when they were much smaller, lol!)? And I completely agree - I've found that snacks are KEY! :-)

    Thanks for the photography tips... Sports pics are definitely NOT easy! I've just been using the camera's sport setting, especially during low-light days/evenings. When it's very sunny, the manual settings seem to work okay, but I've never experimented w/the shutter or iso. Going to try that at next practice!


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