Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School 2012-2013!

Good Morning!  Can you believe it's Thursday already?  These four-day weeks sure fly by quickly, and it seems I'm never quite sure what day it really is (it feels like today should be Wednesday, lol)!

I want to post a few pics of our First Day of School 2012, before this day sneaks away from me, too.

This whole week has been a bit of a challenge...more so than I was planning on. :)  Last week and over the weekend, my kiddos all passed around hand-foot-mouth - even General, who generally escapes this particular illness when it comes around (usually only the younger ones catch it).  I guess this was an especially nasty case of it!

So I decided to wait an extra day before officially staring our lessons ~ and thankfully, everyone was feeling much better by Wednesday morning!  Except for Mama....who woke up with a fever, sore throat and lots of aches.

BUT.  After a good cup of coffee {and some advil!}....
We still managed to have a reasonably fun and peaceful First Day. :)

.:: 2012 "Class" Photo ::.

.:: First Day! ::.

:: General - 7th Grade ::                                        :: Rose - 4th Grade ::

:: Little Monkey - Pre-K ::                                     :: Peanut - Pre-School ::

There were a few surprises for the kiddos to open up, before our first lessons.

Actually....last year, I started a little First-Day-of-School tradition (which I saw over at Shower of Roses!) of making German "Schultutes" - sweet little packages of treats and special school supplies.

I just didn't have time to put everything together this year....but, fortunately, I did have a few things on hand that I found while decluttering our school closet.

New pens and some fresh art supplies always make my kiddos smile, too. :)

This was Peanut's first box of crayons, all his own.  Oh, Happiness!

Rather than starting all our subjects at once, I decided to ease into our routines with just a few things at a time - adding a few more subjects each week.  This always helps us establish a good rhythm for each subject's workflow, especially in any new currics.  It always takes time to get used to new systems!

So....on the Assignment Sheet for this week :

General and Rose ~ Math, Science and Spelling
Little Monkey ~ Math, picture books with Mom, and lots of coloring sheets
Peanut ~ Coloring, Math with LM & Mom, and lots of picture books

Over the summer, I had to re-evaluate our use of space during school time....and ended up moving the bulk of our lessons back down into our basement.  Which really is a story for another post!  I still have some organizing and arranging to finish up....but I'm hoping to write about it soon. :)

And now I'm off to grab one more cup of coffee and another advil. :)
I'm very thankful to be feeling better today ~ especially since General has a soccer game this afternoon.  We had to miss his team's first game last week (thanks to his fever!) and I'm really hoping we can make it today.  It's a perfect soccer day....sunny and 80. :)

Wishing you a lovely and hope-filled Thursday!


  1. Love love love the class photos!! So sorry for another bout of illness :>( yay - advil!

    The schultutes sure look appreciated. Had to giggle over LM's photo, b/c I couldn't see him, just his surprises! And Peanut's crayon photo is awesome - the colors are terrific (cool, considering it's all about color-ing). And the older two kids... well, they sure do look older!

    Happy back-to-school week from Aunt Karen ♥

  2. yay!

    we survived!

    what fun and creative ideas to have these little treats waiting for them...I'm stealing this idea next year Collette. I love it!

  3. I still love new pens or pencils and art supplies and I'm an adult! Does anyone ever outgrow that?!

    Looks like a real life first day of school. Some challenges, some fun and movin forward. Hope the days since then everyone is feeling better.


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