Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Quiet Beauty of Full Days

Our days, these past several weeks, have been full....and so this blog has been quiet. :)  
It's all in the season.  

A few more weeks, and we'll be back to our usual, slower pace.  
Which I think I'll be quite ready for, when it arrives!  
But for now, we're all enjoying this time of having places to go and things to do.

Something I've noticed about time....over time....which everybody knows.....is that you can't create it.
You can only choose how you will fill it.

I've learned in these past few weeks is that a Mama's "art" works in much the same way.
Days and hours and minutes that are filled with soccer practices and games, or other homeschool outings, mean that I must choose to lay aside other pursuits for a time.

Things like crafting, various projects, extra non-essential things.
Things that a Mama might do to create beauty in her home.

Life is full of beauty, already!  Not needing to be created....just observed.
Colorful, hidden gifts of joy, graciously waiting to be noticed.

So today, I'm thankful for this momentary season of fullness.  Who knows but without it, perhaps my eyes would have been too busy elsewhere to see the ordinary beauty in these weeks?

It's almost time for Math lessons...but before I go, I thought I would share with you a tiny peek into the simple joys of our busy days. :)

Pots of Fall Mums were on sale at our grocery store a couple weekends ago, and I picked up a few for our front porch. :)  I just love the warm colors of fall!

Our family "Saturday Pizza Nights" are still going strong....it's been a few years now since we first began!  In the past few months, I've added one new addition to our Saturday menu - zucchini "pizza."  A gluten-free option for those of us who are trying to avoid it. :)  It's sooo (surprisingly) delicious!

The Art of Being a Scientist.  I do believe General has discovered his muse ~ he certainly has found much joy in all of his science reading and experiments this year!  And...who would have thought there would be so much color and prettiness to be found in the experiments, too?

All of General's soccer games take place in......fields. :)
It's been fun combining some nature study with all of our outings to practices and games.

Wishing you a joy-filled week, and maybe even a few quiet moments
to capture the simple beauty of your days. :)


  1. I love the quiet beauty of this post...starting with that mug of coffee you've got going on. :)
    Yum! I just want to sit on your mum-colored porch and enjoy the moment with you. ;)

    Beautiful indeed.

  2. Fancy this...
    Another comment from me.
    I forgot. I wanted to ask if you have a recipe for the Zucchini Pizza. That sounds like a real possibility in our home. Thankfully not because of the gluten free thing but because I've got some zukes that need to be used and sauce leftover from something else.

    Making me hungry thinking about this so early in the AM. ;)

    1. Good Morning, Bevy! :) You are welcome to visit on my porch any time!! Lol, I did just put some coffee on....;-)

      The recipe I've been using is very simple... Just slice up a zuke into rounds about 1/4 inch or so thick, and lay them in a pan. Sprinkle w/salt (and olive oil, if you like it), then top with leftover pizza toppings (sauce, sausage & cheese is what I use). Bake at 450 for about 20 minutes or until everything looks golden & bubbly. I found that a little goes a long way with the toppings. :)

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  3. Yikes! When did General grow up so much?? Your photo compositions are outstanding, Collette! The porch flower and bench shots are lovely; makes me want to linger to look. And I love the colors in the science experiment with the blue liquid in the jelly jars, with the glow of the marble in the background. Way to make science beautiful!

  4. what a wonderful reminder in this busy season ... we may not have so much time to create beauty ... but we don't really have to create it, it's already there. thank goodness.

    besides ... your BLOG is beautiful and a true work of art!

    1. Hi, Kathi - it's nice to "meet" you! :) Thank you for your kind words....popping over to visit you, too!

  5. Love this! It's definitely what I needed to hear this week:)
    Your photos are amazing, as always!


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