Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lilla Rose Party Update

Just a little update for anyone who is still interested in placing a Lilla Rose order....

When I typed up my original post with all of the party details, I set the closing date for Thursday, December 5th.....without realizing it, I was looking at a 2013 calendar :) and the date is incorrect.

The party is actually set to close Wednesday, December 5th (which is tomorrow!) at 6pm.

But that still leaves plenty of time to place an order!

Just pop on over to Joy's Lilla Rose website & register to enter the party and shop.
All orders will be processed and submitted together, after the party closes....and items will be shipped directly to each customer.

Since there are still a few weeks to go before Christmas, all orders will arrive before the Holiday. :)

Here's a fun little video on how to do a few different hairstyles using a Lilla clip...the french twist is one of my favorite fast-fixes ~

Blessings, and Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks! Just happily shopped, and got "my girls" something for Christmas :>) and a little something for me, too!

  2. Thanks, Karen! :0) What fun....I think you girls will all really enjoy these clips (Rose & I are having fun, for sure!) Have a Happy Thursday!


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